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Online Learning

What Classes Are Available Online?

GCC offers a wide variety of online classes every semester.

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How Do I Take Online Classes?

You have options!

Online learning can be a great educational experience allowing access to courses despite geographic or scheduling constraints. Many Genesee Community College courses, degrees, and certificate programs can be completed fully online. 

Online courses are now offered in a variety of ways (modalities). You may choose from: 

Asynchronous - Online coursework with no scheduled class times.

Synchronous - Attend the live virtual class at specific times.

Partially Synchronous - Online coursework with some scheduled virtual class time required.

Hybrid - A mix of specific virtual class times and online coursework.

HyFlex - A mix of online coursework, virtual meeting times, or recorded classes. Student can flex between modalities throughout the semester.

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Online learning courses are not self-paced; they follow the same academic calendar and are equivalent to campus-based courses in academic rigor and transferability. Instead of attending on-campus classes, students use a mix of learning resources, which may include online access to digital course materials, textbooks, field assignments, exams, online discussions, papers, projects, labs, presentations, video lectures, or review sessions. Interaction with instructors and other students occurs virtually or through course discussion boards. Online courses typically require more reading and writing than campus-based classes, and students are expected to engage with various technologies.

Take the Readiness Assessment to see if you are prepared for online courses.

How to have a successful online learning experience: 

  • Confirm you have your username/password, and know how to access the online course and use your my.genesee.edu email. 

  • Complete the Online Success Course to become familiar with online learning.

  • Online classes are open the weekend before the start date. Be sure to take an early look. 

  • Read the course syllabus and check for any special instructions from the instructor — be aware of any instructor expectations, as well as any assignment/activity deadlines and required course materials. 

  • Tour the online class to become familiar with where to find assignments and activities — click on all the links and read the content. 

  • Follow the assignments and associated deadlines as identified on the syllabus and/or special course instructions. 

  • Establish a regular routine for checking for course communication and participating in course activities — students need to check into an online class at least 3 times a week. 

  • If you have a question or concern, contact the instructor through established course communication.  

Thousands of students earned college credit last year through online courses. Get started TODAY!

For more information about online learning at Genesee Community College contact the Online Learning Office:

  • Location: Room T148 (First floor, Conable Technology Building, Batavia)
  • Phone: 585-345-6969
  • Fax: 585-343-0433
  • Email: GCCOnline@genesee.edu

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