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The Federal Student Aid Database is the Department of Education's central database for student aid. The database provides an integrated view of Title IV loans and grants so Title IV recipients can access and inquire about their Stafford Loans and grants. 

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Federal Direct Stafford Loan Information

  • Subsidized Stafford Loans - need-based loans.
    • Students are not responsible for interest accrued on the loan while the student is in school.
    • Payment and interest do have to be paid as long as the borrower is enrolled at least half-time (6 or more credit hours).
  • Unsubsidized Loans - similar to Subsidized Loans, except they are not need-based loans and students are responsible for the interest accrued on the loan while the student is in school.

The Financial Aid Office will determine the type of loan you will receive based on your estimated cost of attendance, other aid received and financial eligibility. Students will accept or deny their offered loans through their myGCC account.

Annual Loan Limits

Student Title Dependent Independent
Freshman (0-23 credit hours) $5,500 $9,500
Sophomore (24+ credit hours) $6,500 $10,500

Eligibility: At least 6 credit hours, enrolled or non-enrolled with special approval, good academic standing, demonstrate financial need, U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen.

Repayment: 6 months after ceasing to be at least a half-time student. Borrowers that drop below 6 credits are also required to complete Exit Counseling. Complete Exit Counseling

Apply: Students can apply by submitting a request from their myGCC account under the Student Life tab.

Complete the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling

More information about your student loan can be found by visiting the Federal Student Aid Database. After you graduate or drop below half-time status you may be able to consolidate your loans into a single loan through the Federal Consolidation Loan.

Calculate my future loan payments

GCC promotes responsible borrowing. We encourage students to only borrow what they need. Borrowers must repay all loans! There are significant adverse financial consequences for students who fail to repay their student loans!

Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

PLUS is a federally guaranteed loan program for dependent undergraduate students that allows their parents to borrow for their education expenses.

Eligibility: Parent (biological or adoptive parent or in some cases a stepparent) of a dependent, at least 6 credit hours matriculated, U.S. citizen or equivalent, good academic standing, parent credit check.

Amount: Up to full cost of education minus other financial aid.

Repayment: Monthly payments beginning with total disbursement of loan, 10- to 30-year repayment plan.

Download PLUS application

Don't forget to complete the Master Promissory Note (eMPN) and Credit Check section online!

Complete the Master Promissory Note and PLUS Application (includes Credit Check)