This version of the GCC website is obsolete and is being preserved for reference only. Please go to www.genesee.edu to see the current website.

Login to Purple Briefcase

Visit our Student How-To Page for video tutorials on Purple Briefcase.

Job Bulletin

Job & Internship postings can be found on the Job Bulletin within Purple Brief-case. These postings have been sent directly to GCC and have been asked to be posted for GCC students, alumni, and community members.

View the Job Bulletin

  1. Log in to Purple Briefcase
  2. Select “my jobs” or “my internships"
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to search

Track your Activity!

View “My Activity” to:

  • See your follow-ups
  • Remember the jobs you have applied to
  • View the jobs you have saved

Additional Job Search Engines

In addition, once logged-in to Purple Briefcase, you can use the external job search engine by choosing to “search indeed.” You can also view other job boards by choosing “my links” on the left menu bar.