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For information about admission to the college please email: admissions@genesee.edu

For financial aid questions please email: financialaid@genesee.edu

For student accounts and information about your bill please email: studentaccounts@genesee.edu

For academic and career advising and course registration please email: ssc@genesee.edu

For records, transfer services and academic transcript requests please email: records@genesee.edu

For questions about College Village please email: collegevillage@genesee.edu

Committed to guiding students along their academic journey, the Student Success Center is a place for answers to questions, directions to resources, and support for individualized student success. The integration of admissions, academic and career coaching, financial aid, records, and student accounts provides a centralized and efficient experience in an inviting and friendly environment.

For assistance, contact the Student Success Coach for your academic program!

Student Success Coaches

Melissa Szurgyi

Melissa Szurgyi
585-343-0055 x6430
General Studies Last Name A-K
Health Studies Last Name A-K

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Debbie Erion

Debbie Erion
585-343-0055 x6423
General Studies Last Name L-Z
Health Studies Last Name L-Z
Lib Arts: Natural Sciences

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Leandro De Andrade Pereira

Leandro B. De Andrade Pereira
585-343-0055 x6560

Business and Commerce
Medical Administrative Assistant

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Tarry Brockel

Tarry Brockel
585-343-0055 x6241
Creative Arts
Human Services
Law & Criminal Justice
Lib Arts: Humanities & Social Sci

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Becky Michalak

Becky Michalak
585-343-0055 x6471
Computerized Drafting & Design
Health & Physical Education
Information Technology
Teaching & Education

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Steve Schutt

Steve Schutt
585-343-0055 x6194

Solar Electric Technician
Non-Matriculated Students

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International Student Services

Jason Desain

Jason DeSain
585-343-0055 x6543

International Student Services

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Jenny Weatherall

Jenny Weatherall
585-343-0055 x6409

International Student Services

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Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Terry George Headshot

Terry George
585-343-0055 x6473

Educational Opportunity Program

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Perhaps one of our Campus Centers is close to home?

Livingston County Campus Centers

Paula Oyler

Paula Oyler
Campus Center Advisor - Dansville
585-335-7820 x4067

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Lima Campus Center Entrance

Laurie Rogers
Campus Center Advisor - Lima
585-582-1226 x4522

Schedule an appointment with Laurie

Orleans County Campus Centers

Jamie Lyndaker

Jaime Lyndaker
Campus Center Advisor – Medina
585-589-4936 x4002

Schedule an appointment with Jaime

Wyoming County Campus Centers

Arcade Campus Center

David Sink
Campus Center Advisor – Arcade

Schedule an appointment with Dave

Warsaw Campus Center

Tika Isaacs
Campus Center Associate – Warsaw

Schedule an appointment with Tika

Overview map of GCC campus-center locations

For more information or help with Online Courses

Online Learning Office
Location: Room T148 (First floor, Conable Technology Building, Batavia)
Phone: (585) 345-6969
Email: gcconline@genesee.edu