This version of the GCC website is obsolete and is being preserved for reference only. Please go to www.genesee.edu to see the current website.


The Genesee Community College Counseling Center is committed to the mental health and wellbeing of all students. We strive to facilitate growth and enhance understanding of self and others by providing culturally responsive individual/group counseling services, prevention-based education and outreach to our campus community. Our services are free to all enrolled students. Inquiries and appointments can be made by emailing counseling@genesee.edu. ( Please do not use this email to convey a mental health emergency. Please call your local crisis line or see our Emergencies webpage for emergency contact information.)

Hours of operation: varied
Location: C219
Email: counseling@genesee.edu
Cost of services: Services are free of charge to all registered students.
Confidentiality: All services offered by the Counseling Center are confidential in nature, with exceptions being danger to self or others, supervision and consultation, and child abuse.