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Withdrawal from a Course

Students may officially withdraw from a course through the ninth week of classes during a full semester course and prior to the completion of 9/16 of a course during the summer or special classes. Withdrawal deadlines are published each semester. In order to officially withdraw, a student may withdraw online (through myGCC) or by submitting a registration change form to the Records Office. It is the student's responsibility to properly withdraw. Withdrawal grades will be assigned as follows:

  1. Official withdrawals received by the Records Office prior to the census date (i.e. the end of the third week of classes) will result in the course being deleted from the student's record and no grade will be recorded
  2. Official withdrawals received by the Records Office after the census date and prior to the end of the ninth week (specific date published each semester) will result in a grade of "W"
  3. Formal withdrawal may not be initiated after the ninth week of classes (specific date published each semester). Failure to complete course requirements will result in a grade of "F"
  4. Refunds are not given without advanced withdrawal notice from the student. Refund and charge reductions are determined by the date of written withdrawal notice. The policy regarding refund of tuition and fees is detailed in the "Admissions and Financial Aid" section of this catalog

Withdrawal from the College

Students finding it necessary to withdraw from the College before the end of a term in which they are enrolled must follow established withdrawal procedures. Withdrawals may be completed online (through myGCC) or in person in the Records Office. Refunds are given on a pro rata basis and are not given without advance withdrawal notice from the student. The student should contact the Business Office immediately if he/she is considering withdrawal from the College.