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Repeating Courses

Students may repeat a course for which credit has been received with a grade of A- or lower. If a higher grade is earned upon repeating a course, only the higher of the two grades will be computed to determine a cumulative grade point average (GPA), although both grades will be recorded on transcripts. A student may not repeat a course for which he or she has already received an "A" grade.

No course may be repeated solely in order to increase the number of credits earned in courses where the credit hours have been changed. The course will only be counted once toward graduation requirements and computation of total hours earned.

Full-time students who elect to repeat a course for which credit has already been received should register for 12 credit hours relevant to their degree program in addition to the repeated course in order to remain eligible for TAP awards. Full-time students who register for remedial courses should also register for at least six credits of non-remedial credit courses. However, during the first term of funding, a full-time student need only register for at least three credits of non-remedial credit courses. Students at community colleges are eligible for a total of six semesters of TAP funding.